Please help the amatur Friend :)

Jan 10, 2014
Hi Freinds :)
I am new User of Xiaomi Hongmi WCDMA Phone. I recieved my phone with multilanguage rom ( with superuser program ..with viber , whatsup , facebook and google play ,,,with Go Keyboard ) the rom have some bugs and come with go keyboard and have all world phone sytem languages .
These Spec :
Check picture in my post
Model number : HM 1W
Android Version : 4.2.2 HM2013023
MIUI Version : MIUI - JHBCNAH1.0
Check picture . I want my phone have Factory default rom with default language of this phone like some other orginal rom of hongmi WCDMA phone( EN/CN ) and dont want this multi language rom.
I ask seller for my problem he said we reflash rom for your phone and phone didnt root. So can i restore or Unreflash my phone to Basic and Default Factory rom of Hongmi wcdma phone? ( with all thing like chinese application and Orginal factory rom)?
I am an amatur user for changing rom and updating phone. and i dont undrestand of some term of changing rom . Can anyone of Masters help me how to do?
I dont want my phone be rooted...Can do anyone of masters help me with some PDF or Video how i restore my default rom?
sorry for my Bad English


Aug 5, 2011
Flash thw cwm recovery and install through that
I couldn't install with mirecovery also.
The only way was with cwm.
BTW flash this forum stable version is the firmware. Has more languages than just Chinese and English