Poco F3/Redmi K40 updater not working?


Jun 17, 2021
It's been a long while since I first got the Xiaomi.EU rom and my current version is at 12.5 V12.5.6.0. The updater says there is a new version 12.5 V13.0.5.0

However every time that I try to download it nothing happens. It says fetching download link and then after I try again it either freezes the updater or says all mirrors offline. This has been an issue for months now as I've tried to update every now and then.

I see there is also a new MIUI13 version but I guess this can't be done via the updater? I have basically completely forgotten all the flashboot methods etc so I don't really want to risk bricking my phone or anything. But am I stuck on my current version now unless I connect my phone to PC and update from there?

To be frank I don't really have any problems with my current version but I'm worried there will be outdated security etc.


Apr 22, 2021
Just use the search function!
TWRP is not working for android 12, you need to update with fastboot method.

Steps to install update of xiaomi.eu ROM (All your data and files on internal storage will NOT be deleted!)
- Download our ROM zip file STABLE
- Unpack downloaded zip file in the PC
- Reboot your device to fastboot mode (press volume down + power)
- Connect to PC via USB cable
- Run fastboot installation script from unpacked zip according your PC operating system
- Wait for the phone to restart itself

For Windows OS ./windows_fastboot_update_rom.bat
For Linux ./linux_fastboot_update_rom.sh
For MacOS ./macos_fastboot_update_rom.sh

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