New Poco m6 pro (4g) broken notifications


Jun 30, 2022
Hi guys, have recently moved to Poco M6 Pro(4g) from the Redmi Note 10 Pro.

Had the same issue in RN10 and thought it may be because of the old MIUI, but I keep having broken notifications.

Essentially, I receive notifications, but when I click them the app does not open. This happens with Yale view (security camera app), but also with the Xiaomi Home app which I use for the doorbell.

Tried everything, autostart, all permissions on, battery restrictions off, changed the shade style, I'm just losing it. Can't attah a recording to show you what i mean. I have raised this via feedback about 15 times, hoping some update might fix it...

When I click the notification, it tries to bring up the app, then immediately closes it, this takes 1 second not more.


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