[Port Request] HTC Rezound

Unfortunately, we're still waiting for even a permanent root solution, but that would be some great talk indeed!
True, but now we have it. Unlocked bootloader and full root. Still have S-On but that's not a big deal. I hope someone is planning on throwing a port together though.

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I'd like to see this as well. I hate sense. I prefer miui for an asop over the others.

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I second that. A Rezound port would be amazing. I left my DX running MIUI for the Rezound, and I seriously miss MIUI...I'm running an ICS ROM but I'd still prefer MIUI :) And we have perm root now...just sayin'
Theres one coming from my bro siulmagic, you will want to be checking the htc rezound section of unofficial devices, he will the maintainer for this device, cheers mate.