[PORT Request] Samsung Galaxy 5


Feb 8, 2012
Hello, guys...
I am currently very sad when i found out that my phone have no MIUI ROM and there are only MIUI Roms for the popular phones :(

I really like and love the MIUI Rom and i would like to do all for it to get it for the G5?

We even have a big forum of Galaxy5 I-5500 Users and they all want MIUI Rom too..

You MIUI Developers are the best and make Android much much better and stylish and thats why i love it..

Please in the name of god, please port MIUI Rom for G5 Devices!!

Note: I know theres a Thread about that but i know that 95% will be ignored my post and there are too many posts and MIUI Devs never will read that, so its good idea to make a Thread to be visible for all.

Thanks Sincerly, Tomas.
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