Port to Samsung Fascinate?

The Galaxy series from a hardware standpoint is able to run it no problem. Right now MIUI is really only being ported for HTC devices for some reason. I've got a laundry list of ports that people are asking for. If I seesomething pop up somewhere ill bring back to the forum asap, otherwise I may try a hand at it AFTER I've finished what I've already commuted to.

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I appreciate it, I really do. If you do have time and port it I will be more than willing to donate to you.

I've offered to port to this device multiple times.. I just need a device. Make it happen and I'll start working on it as soon as I have a device on hand.
Looks like someone is working on it and might get it done sometime in the not so distant future.

James Lichtenstiger
Jamezelle James Lichtenstiger
Well got 3g sort of working on fasc Miui


James Lichtenstiger
Jamezelle James Lichtenstiger
First tweet from fascinating miui!!! over wifi however...

You can follow him here...