Possible aGPS-Fix for Milestone (according to nadlabaks infos on that!)

Jan 4, 2011

maybe Mark could post this to MIUI-Devs responsible for Milestone-releases. According to nadlabak's infos (his CM6/7 is base of MS-MIUI), these steps should solve the aGPS-issue:

It's all in the repo, MIUI devs should add the Location Proxy stub to SystemServer.java:
(with the comment corrected by this commit:

And then, after compilation, the injection of the proprietary classes can be easily done like I do in the squisher, under # Location Proxy injection:

The smali editing would be quite complicated without the stub in SystemServer.java inserted before the platform building. The best way would be to point the MIUI devs to this way of doing it.
Of course I know all kind of workarounds (GPS-Status App, change NTP-Servers in gps.conf, etc), but these are all no real fixes.

Thx in advance