possible to change the SD card after flashing MIUI?


Sep 19, 2011
I have successfully installed MIUI on my HTC Desire
I want to upgrade my SD, is it possible to use a new SD card without any harm to new rom?
how can I prepare the new SD card?
SD Card has nothing with ur custom ROM storage... You dont flash the ROM into the SD card like OS Windows into HDD.. Its only "increased partition" of ur phone storage so you can exchange ur SD card without saving any data besides ur apps/photos/any other files..
Yes you can change it.

Just copy the info from the old card on the computer, and then onto your new card.

With this caveat, If you are using the ext3 partition for a2sd+ on the card and your apps are there, that may be a problem.

When I have changed sd cards like this, I usually do it right before I am going to flash a new rom. That way it is a clean install, and I reload everything fresh.