Problem After Rooting Mi4

Mar 30, 2016
Hello again,

i tried to root my mi4 (cancro with 7.2.8 stable) with supersu 2.68(beta).

I copied supersu into internal storage
i booted into recovery and choose "install"
i install the zip-file from supersu
clear cache&dalvik
booted phone

and now i´m stuck on boot on the "MI"-logo :-\

Is there anything i can do to boot up again without loosing my data? Is there a chance to install 7.2.8 without loosing my user-data?

It´s ~60min that i´m stuck on the this normal that it takes longer?
Mar 30, 2016
Okay, for other people with same problem:

i waited around 90min and then gave up.

In the meantime i found a 7.3.1-stable for the mi4.

I installed the 7.3.1 image from twrp and rebootet the whole system and cleared chache/dalvik: yay, it starts
after that i rebooted again to twrp and installed the 2.68 supersu and cleared chache/dalvik... i tried to reboot, but same issue.

i rebootet again in twrp and now i installed BETA-SuperSU-v2.71-20160331103524 and cleared chache/dalvik => yay, it works.

Now i have the super-su on my system with full root.