Problem unlocking bootloader


Feb 17, 2022

So I requested the bootloader unlock on my old MI 6 (only thing I could have done wrong is remove the sim card, but phone stays on and has wifi)

However when I try to use the Unlock Tool, at first (when I install the driver) it recognizes the device in fastboot mode but throws "Read failed. Please refresh or reboot the device". A reboot does nothing, even the device stops showing up.

`fastboot devices` shows nothing.
ADB works just fine.

I'm not sure if it's a driver or cable problem but I can't even get the countdown on the unlock tool.

I've tried a lot of fastboot drivers, even a windows 7 VM, to no avail.

What could possibly be wrong there?

Additional info:

fastboot devices works first time
fastboot getvar (whatever) hangs, afterwards no more fastboot commands work until I reset the phone
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