Problems to touch into Notifications - MIUI-V12.0.5 - Redmi Note 10 5G


Oct 13, 2021
Hi folks,

I´d like to ask you for support. Suddenly I have experienced a problem when I receive notifications (doesn´t matter which application).

I have a Redmi Note 10 5G(Modelo M2103K19G) with MIUI-V12.0.5.0.RKSEUVF (Modelo M2103K19G), stable, under Android 11 RP1A.200720.011.

The problem happens in 2 moments:
1st moment is when I received a Notification on the Blocked screen, I cannot click/touch in notifications. I have to open the APP and take the action.
2nd moment occurs when I push down the notifications, and, again, I cannot click/touch, where is impossible to take any action.

So, I made this video
to try to show you guys the problem with more details. I don´t have enough experience to say if it is a bug/problem or it is a bad setup from my side, so, if you help me I really appreciate it.

Have a nice day,