Problems with MIUI


Feb 27, 2012
Hey there.

I'm using latest update of MIUI, and having some troubles consisted from the previous miui rom.

First of all;

I can't connect my phone to my computer via USB. It simply doesn't show up. It charges fine. But nothing else.

My Wi-fi does somewhat work. But not proberly. Only a few of the wi-fi connections is showing on my phone. Connections the stock ROM did show, is gone (and yes i have checked that the wireless device isn't turned of)

Those are the problems i can't live with. But i have to, because i can't flash to anything else, because of the lack of USB connection...
I have similar issue with MIUI 2.2.17 - My desktop shows greyed out E drive when connected initially... but, when I try to mount SD it disappears. I use Android Manager (wifi app) for all my file transfers ^^ check it out @ Android Market...

PS - My laptop sees my SD fine!?