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Sep 26, 2012
I had Mi 9T and after upgrade to MIUI 12 I started having problems with push notifications. Steam App, Tv Schedule App, MIUI Home App etc...
It was so annoying that I purchased new 11T phone. After 3-4 days, I have the same issue...
I tried classic solutions; AutoStart, Battery saver and Lock App but it doesn't work.
Should I stop buying Xiaomi and buy good phone or is there some solution to this problem.
A workaround that works would be to disable doze and all your notifications will instantly arrive, especially email notifications which usually used to come in after 40 mins. Just keep in mind that it might affect idle battery life but in my experience, it's not much.

1. Enable USB debugging from developer options
2. Connect your phone to your computer
3. Go to C: drive and open platform-tools folder (or anywhere if you have universal ADB installed on your computer)
4. Hold shift and right click on an empty space then click on "open powershell window here"
5. Once powershell opens, type "adb shell" then click enter
6. Then type "dumpsys deviceidle disable" to disable doze and you should be done

This has to be done every time you restart your phone
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Nope... Still the same thing. I receive notification only when I unlock the phone. Sometimes not even then...
Too bad that phone has such a good hardware and such a crappy software...