[Question][Xiaomi 12] Android Auto connection issue.


Nov 21, 2018
Disclaimer: Bellow issue is happening no mater which firmware I use on the phone, it is not related with Xiaomi.eu custom ROM.

- Could be a fault on my phone only or is a common issue for all Xiaomi 12 models?
- Is any of you having the same issue with your Xiaomi 12 phone?

I'm wonder if this behavior is happening to other too.


I connect my phone trough an USB cable to:
- my car (Suzuki SX-Cross from 2018) for Android Auto connection;
- one of the USB A port from my Fujitsu Lifebook laptop (model U759 with i7-8565U CPU) for File transfer (MTP protocol).

Then I noticed that:
- on the car the phone is connection and disconnecting into a continuous loop as long as the phone is connected to the car.
- on the PC when I choose to enable File transfer mode (MTP) the phone is connected and immediately is disconnected by itself.
- the charging indicator is not changed visually also I verified using an USB power meter that the current and voltage is not changed (like been disconnecting and reconnecting)

- for the car connection I do not have one. Actually I didn't tried anything beside changing the cables.
- for PC connection, the connection issue is fixed when I used an USB hub (eg. TP-Link UH400)

Below is a screen record with what appear on the phone screen when I'm connecting the phone to the USB port for enabling the Android Auto, you can notice that the popup notifications for choosing the connection type appear and disappear immediately continuously (in a loop). When I recorded the issue I've been use XM12_V14.0.3.0.TLCCNXM custom rom (xiaomi.eu), but same behavior I noticed on the stock room also (V13.0.14.0.SLCEUXM and V13.0.27.0.SLCEUXM).

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Hi. I have the exact same problem with a POCO F4 GT. If i want to connect to laptop i have to use a different cable than the original. If I want to connect to car I get the same problem as yours. I have to select very fast file transfer/android auto or else will get in this loop again and again. I don't know if it is software or hardware problem.
Could be a software issue most probably, because there is no connection issue when I'm using "adb shell" for file navigation from a PC terminal.
I can copy files from PC to Phone and vice-versa using "adb push" and "adb pull" commands.
I had phone replaced by the seller and on the second phone is the same behavior, so seems to be a common issue for Xiaomi 12, and based on your post could be affected others models too.
Regarding the Android Auto connection issue, there, temporarily I'm using a CarlinKit 4.0 device, but unfortunately is not a good replacement for "native" Android Auto, because the device is adding a lag to inputs reactions, the connections is dropping from time to time, so it is not a reliable connection either.
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I doubted that will be fixed in the future.
I tried to post this issue on the official Miui community forum, but I didn't find a correct place to post it. Also I didn't find an official support email where to send a message and to attach the video with the wrong behavior.
I gonna do that once my phone will arrive back from service. Unfortunately now is on service. Maybe next week I'll have it back.
3 days ago I received a new Xiaomi 12 phone. The seller replaced second time the phone.

I took on my car this new phone with all my USB A to USB C which I have available on my home.
I discovered that I have 2 cables which are offering a stable Android Auto connection, these cables are:
- Xiaomi model: SJX14ZM
- Huawei model: AP71 HL1289

I'm testing currently the cables because I didn't yet took my car into a long drive to see how reliable is the direct cable connection between my phone and my car. To mention that using the cable which I previously used on the car, a cable with 2 outputs 1 USB C and 1 Lightning, this third phone have same behavior like before phones, I mean the phone entering into a connect disconnect infinite loop.

So, as a preliminary conclusions:
- check others good quality cables;
- most probably is a cable connection issue.

I gonna check next weekend and I will be back with a feedback regarding these conclusions.
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I can confirm after some long trips that using a good quality cable, the Android Auto worked without any issue.
I tested other cables, rated 5A and 6A from Xiaomi, one o them is rated to be used for Xiaomi Mi 11 series.
You can test the cable at home to see if the quick charge is enabled at full speed when it is used to charge the phone using the original Xiaomi 12 charger (67W)


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