Questions and problems with the Redmi k30 5g


Nov 3, 2017
I have bought the phone(redmi k30 5g) about 15 days before.

After that I waited 7 days for unlocking the bootloader.

And I am facing the problems listed below:

1. when I flash the twrp (all 4 recoveries I found here)through fastboot, the phone cannot boot into recovery, either black screen or entering the original recovery.
After reading some posts here pointing out that there may be conflicts with the original rom and the twrp, then I used fastboot to flash the rom 11. After that I flash the twrp again(all 4 recoveries I found here), the results are the same. Finally, I used the following twrp and success.


Question: I felt strange because I can flash using an old twrp other than the newest ones that I can find here. Can anyone give me the answer?

2. After that I flash the lastest stable rom here.

Question 1: when I put 2 sim cards (one is LTE 4g, the other is TD-LTE and FDD-LTE 4g ), when both sim cards are enabled, only the one in sim slot1 have services. I have tested one by one, both have service when the are alone. Can anyone give me the answer?

3. I have installed the icbc app, which the first time runs normally, however the second time I opened it crashs, I already gave all permissions and it still crash. Hoever it works for miui 10, Can anyone give me the answer?