Quick opinion and help needed


Jun 11, 2014
Hi guys,

I just bought 1S WCDMA and I am kinda dissapointed.I have JHCCNBD92.o version, with proximity sensor issues,it takes time to turn on the screen after I remove it from my face.Can you tell me how to calibrate it without updating new version(I have Superuser)?

I also hope that someday we will have option to have different ringtones for each SIM.I am a business
man and also have private number,this would mean a lot to me.
I also noticed when you forward calls (for example if I have a first call on SIM 1,and person who is trying to reach me on SIM 2 will be forwarded to SIM 1,I cannot end the first call on SIM 1,I have to put it on hold).
So sorry to say,but Dual Sim Always On by Samsung performed much better.

Thanks for your help and for listening guys,I am just a guy who works all day and need my phone