Random reboot on unlock?

Yeah and also I will not lock or unlock sometimes when I press the unlock button. -n1

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I'm sorry for posting old topic again, but I'm still facing a problem that seem won't be solved.

First time, user gave me M600 with rebooting problem, because time reason he retrieve the phone back. Now the phone was gave back to me with good condition for unlocking . after unlocking with setool the phone work and willing to enter phone menu, but short after that phone restart and rebooting problem start.
I was (possible will still) have this problem. I flashed this rom and really liked it. Though it was new and fresh, and i really like it, but a day or so i would try to unlock and it was very unresponsive. I would finally get to my home screen and when i was done, out of the blue it would splash screen to the Evo screen and would reboot. I recently tried to flash Calkulin's format all.zip and i hope this will take care of the problem. unfortunately this is a deal breaker, so if this doesn't work i will be looking for a newer, non buggy rom.