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Aug 5, 2019
As dudjaa suggested in this post I decided to to return to last stable Android 10 version of MIUI12
Copy this and all files, you want to keep to the external sdcard - internal will be formated!
  • Prepare backup for third party apps:
    • Settings - My device - Backup and Restore - Mobile Device
    • Only mark "Third party apps and app data" - you could also take the the contacts, but I do synchronize mine with my nextcloud... Important is, that you won't restore any system settings after new installation
    • Afterwards copy all relevant files from internal storage, specially the backup folder (/storage/emulated/0/MIUI/backup) to the external sd card - this is important because you have to format DATA in TWRP before installing the ROM - I mentioned it twice now!
  • Boot to TWRP (I recommend last one built by geoanto555from here: Point here: the older ones can't decrypt the data partition.
    • Do a full backup to external storage - just in case...
    • Goto -> Wipe and "FormatData", type "yes" and wait...
    • Install the downloaded ROM... Me personally then mount /system and delete unneeded folders in /system/app or /system/priv-app like lens, email, miui-browser, miui-gallery and whatever you don't use/ want - THOUGH BE CAREFUL AT THIS POINT!! (It happened, that I deleted mms because I use signal and then couldn't receive the sms for signal activation/ restoring - haha... so I had to install google messenger as workaround)
    • reboot and restore the third party apps - for some it won't work and they crash all the time - then you have to reinstall them from playstore/ f-droid/ whatever...
Tried it now for a few days and:
Now I'm glad again with the Redmi Note 8/ Ginkgo.
Everything is snappier, Apps starting faster and Battery life is much better! The only thing I'm missing is, that the wallpaper is not scrolling, maybe anyone has an idea, how to activate that?
Have fun!!!
I'm glad I helped, I recommend these settings:
-Magisk installation (necessary for this)
Download the app from here:

-Install the application
-Run it
-Allow root access to application
- Change the DPI value to 410
Confirm, exit

This setting will change the DPI, which will make the display on the screen much more beautiful, sharper, more beautiful to the eye.
Keep font size to a minimum, you can also reduce the size of the icons in the settings.
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You can do that also not-rooted without any app by developer options OR over adb shell - you have to switch on "USB debugging (Security settings)" and then in linux terminal (or of course Windows CMD):
  • adb shell wm density 410
In developer options its also possible - but a little strange:
  • near the middle down you have the section "DRAWING" and there "Smallest Width" is default set to "392 dp" (similar to "adb shell wm density 440")
  • change "Smallest Width" to "421 dp"is similar to ".... 410"