Redmi 12C Alternative to notification led


Sep 9, 2023
Sorry if this is a duplicate, not sure were to post

New to this forum, so not sure were to post.

Notification do pop up on lock screen, but only for a few seconds ( easy to miss ) and do not repeat.

I know can double tap locked screen to see if any notifications ( mainly Whatsapp)

But gets annoying each time I pop out of the room for a few minutes.

I’ve tried many led replacing apps, but non work, in the main, the permissions from MU14 seems to just change back to not allowing.

Can anyone recommend a way that works, so I can see when lock screen is active, I have notification.

Don’t mind how it is, repeated sound, a light etc

I’d be happy for the notification just to repeat, but can’t find a setting to do that.

Any help would be appreciated

Thank you.
Why, what does that mean ? If I did something wrong, be more helpful to say, what is not acceptable
I checked it out. It appeared to be the perfect solution at first. But for some reason it keeps turning itself off.. it works randomly only when it wants to, and then I need to keep reenabling permissions.
I also checked the battery saver setting and I made sure to set it to no restrictions for this app. So I don't know...
My phone is a newly acquired Xiaomi 13T (256/12).
I don't understand why you don't use AoD on 13T when it has that option.
You don't need a third party app to handle it.

Because I find it distracting. I want the screen to remain perfectly black if there isn't a new notification for me to look at :confused:
I did try to set a perfectly dark AoD, with just the notifications enabled.
It wouldn't allow me to apply it like that, so I made a black image and used that as a custom image for the theme.
Functionally, it is how I want it now. But those notifications in the middle of the screen look rather ugly in my opinion :( a small light in the corner or around the front camera would've been perfect.


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