Redmi 1s Or Xiaomi Mi2A

Mar 20, 2012
Hi guys....

Just wanted to ask your opinion.

I'm advising someone on a phone. I recommended Redmi 1s initially, but for only $30/$40 more i've seen a store selling the Mi2A.

Now I know the Redmi is a newer model but the Mi2A does have a better GPU namely the adreno 320. But it is only a dual core CPU. I have also seen the redmi 1s outperform the mi2A in antutu.

Also I suspect the camera will be better on the Mi2A, although the SD card slot on the Redmi 1s is nice. Then again battery may be better on the redmi as it is Cortex A7 and a newer snapdragon 400 cpu.

Any advice appreciated about which is a better option

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Aug 20, 2011
I would take Mi2A but it's just personal opinion. Mi2A is premium segment, all should be better here. Except MIUI. Mi2A still has 4.1 where 1S has from start Android 4.3.

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Mar 20, 2012
ahh yeah hadn't thought of that, wonder if it MI2A will upgrade to 4.4.2 when V6 comes out. Thing is snapdragon 400 is probably about on par with S4 dual core in real world use, only advantage to mi2A maybe in gaming and the Mi2A design is a bit nicer. Just wonder if its worth $40 for no SD card and slightly better GPU.
May 15, 2014
The question is if your friend needs a dual sim or not. I own a MI2S and my gf a HONGMI 1S and I'm really tempted to switch to the 1s because I really would need a dually: I have a service phone for my job. The performance are not very far and the display is wider but not so much to become annoying. All the miui gizmos work on both phones. In any case if the choice is mi2a vs hongmi 1s I would take the 1s
May 20, 2013
For me the only advantage of the Mi2A would be NFC. I own a Mi2s which i like a lot because of it's size. However i am very impressed with the normal hongmi, and now with the upgraded hongmi 1s i'd definately go for this phone. With dual sim and the possibility of micro-sd use it is definiately the best phone price/quality wise you can get.

Smartphones are getting to the point that improvements aren't that important anymore (e.g the difference between the galaxy s and the galaxy SIII was pretty big, but i dont see a reason to pick a S5 over a sIIII)
Mar 20, 2012
Yeah I bought 2x Redmi 1S in the end, waiting for delivery, my friend will take one and I may just sell the other as I have a nexus 5. Think it was the best option as the benefits of the MI2A seemed minimal for the extra cost and real world use will probably be very similar, also would prefer MIUI based on 4.3.

While not as good looking, still think its better value than the Moto G, especially with dual sim and SD card slot etc.