Redmi 5 mi status unlock connect to network and try again


Jul 27, 2022
Good morning everyone.

I need help to unlock bootloader on redmi 5, please.
i spend a week searching informations on web to find a solution but at least.
I had a hard reset on my phone.
I created a account with USA, France or Singapoure region,
Connected without localisation.
Install a VPN.
Cut wifi connection.
Used phone data.
Many times.
But i still have this message : Connect to network and try again
Here are my phone specs.
And the error message screenshot
I also tried to use Mi flash unlock or xiaomitools with all drivers install but as long i didn't unlock the bootloader, i couldn't use thoses or install TWRP or the last ROSY ROM.
Voilà !!

I hope you will help me to find a solution.
I thank you by advance.
I stay tuned.
PS: sorry for my english, i'm french


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