redmi 6a problem,please big help here!!!


Sep 26, 2019
I have problem with this redmi 6a mtk phone.I need to say that bootloader is locked.
Every time when is booted up it says "this device is locked" with stock roms(not modified).
It is working well but when I connect to wifi or when insert sim card in few second I get that message and I cannot
do anything with phone (LOST MODE activated).
So what I did because I have Mi authorization account for EVERY Xiaomi phones(thanks from an service),I downloaded
modified redmi 6a firmware from:
Redmi 6A (Cactus) Modified Firmware Here
and I flashed it with sp flash tool successfully.
I booted up,but now I have another big problem,I lost imei and device ID,I can connect with wifi and everything but no imei so the device ID but at least thanks from Mod. firmware there is no pop up "this device is locked"anymore .I think that this phone does not have Meta mode because I tried that with Maui Meta to recover imei but without luck.
So I have question is there anything that I can do more with it to recover imei and device ID or is there any other solution to bypass that message "this device is locked"