New Redmi Note 2 Black Screen Issue With Logcats Attached


Sep 11, 2015
Another thread is already up, however I finally managed to get a logcat before the phone rebooted itself so I opened a new thread for better visiblity. I made two logcats just in case.

It seems like the phone can't wake up from deep sleep after being idle for too long (in my case, over the night when I sleep). It doesn't happen every time, but it's more likely to happen than not. If I have an alarm set, it will go off at set time, however I won't be able to turn it off as the screen won't turn on.
If a notification comes, the LED light will blink, though. It seems to affect both screen and touch sensitive buttons. Neither will light up when pressing power button. If I don't force the phone to shut down, it will reboot itself after some time (a minute? couple of minutes?).
This has been happening on 5.9.11/18/24. These are the ones I tried, so I know for sure.

Logcat 1
Logcat 2

Edit: fixed access to the files.
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