Redmi Note 3 Sd , Boot Loader Unlocked, How To Install Custom Rom And Twpr?

Apr 6, 2013
Good night guys,
I alredy unlock my bootloader, and want to know, to install xiaomi eu rons, and twrp, but i dont trust in
tutorials by mi global, other times, i try unoficial metod , posted there, and brick my device, and need to do,
hardbrick tutorials, some one can help? or know to do now?
Jun 18, 2014
I had not used flasher toolkit becaused I found it too lake. My phone was brand new without data, so i officially unlocked the bootloader, used miflash to flash a china dev rom. Then I enabled the root permission under miui security app. After I hained root, used flashify to flash alka twrp which was a upgraded version of cofface twrp, With this I can flashed any official rom without patching the boot image and also flashed superSU to root my phone. Alka twrp: And now I was on miui 8 cn dev rom flashed by alka twrp.

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