RedMi Note 9T constantly restarting


Nov 29, 2022
I have RedMi Note 9T. Wonderful phone, until. It started by itself turn off and 2 days ago it was all the time turning on and off without stopping. It was impossible to do anything. It´s like logo is coming on the screen then it turns off and after a second it looks like it is turning on again... and off. Constantly, until battery runs out.
After reading online, many people have the same problem, I tried following -
- Volume button + power button, then I chose to use Safe Mode. Turned off airplane mode and did a reboot. No results. In Safe Mode the phone still turned off, but not as often.
- Through safe mode I went to factory settings. The phone restarted and I was going step by step and when it went to connect cable with my PC (for back up info), it was disconnecting and connecting to PC constantly over and over. It was immpossible to go thurther. The laptop was getting alarm messages every second that the phone is off.
Soo I went further with settings without back up info as a new user.
Result - mobile is functioning much better, but have turned off twice for no reason after that.
It does seem that something is wrong, I do not believe that it is power button, because it is not the same issue.

I would like to know what is the warranty and how to claim it. I got my phone in February 2021. Most importantly I need the phone that functions well.