Redmi note powers down with multi V37

Sep 3, 2014
This is a new Redmi Note WCDMA (octa-core @ 1.7), less than 1 month old. It was factory wiped, cache wiped, eMMC wiped from its English Chinese firmware, then the latest English Chinese stable JHDCNBH37.0 was installed.

Then, I booted into this version, shutted down, factory-wiped, cache-wiped, eMMC wiped the phone again and booted up. Then I installed the multi-V37 from here. And a final shutdown, factory-wiped, cache-wiped, eMMC wipe.

After boot, the phone had an operational multi-V37 from, and things seemed fine. Until some days ago, when its owner reported a shutdown without a reason. This happened again yesterday (November 12th) and the phone did not power up.

What might be the trouble here, any ideas? Could it be a hardware issue? Any ideas on how to troubleshoot this?
Aug 6, 2014
Are you using two SIM? Try to use only one and let's see.

I had similar problem with redmi 1s (solved after updating firmware).

Good luck!