REQ: Removal of Lunar calendar related strings in framework-res


Dec 22, 2010
In the strings.xml of the values-en-rUS/values-en-rGB/values-en-rNZ/values-en-rCA/values-en-rAU there exists some translations that I believe are not relevant for English.
 <string name="the_spring_festival" />
    <string name="lantern_festival" />
    <string name="the_dragon_boat_festival" />
    <string name="double_seventh_day" />
    <string name="the_mid_autumn_festival" />
    <string name="the_double_ninth_festival" />
    <string name="the_laba_rice_porridge_festival" />
    <string name="new_years_day" />
    <string name="valentines_day" />
    <string name="international_womens_day" />
    <string name="arbor_day" />
    <string name="fools_day" />
    <string name="labour_day" />
    <string name="chinese_youth_day" />
    <string name="childrens_day" />
    <string name="partys_day" />
    <string name="the_armys_day" />
    <string name="teachers_day" />
    <string name="national_day" />
    <string name="christmas_dad" />
    [B]<string name="slight_cold">Cold</string>[/B]
    <string name="great_cold" />
    <string name="spring_begins" />
    <string name="the_rains" />
    <string name="insects_awaken" />
    <string name="vernal_equinox" />
    <string name="clear_and_bright" />
    <string name="grain_rain" />
    <string name="summer_begins" />
    <string name="grain_buds" />
    <string name="grain_in_ear" />
    <string name="summer_solstice" />
    [B]<string name="slight_heat">Warm</string>[/B]
    <string name="great_heat" />
    <string name="autumn_begins" />
    [B]<string name="stopping_the_heat">Heatwave</string>[/B]
    [B]<string name="white_dews">Dew</string>[/B]
    <string name="autumn_equinox" />
    <string name="cold_dews" />
    <string name="hoar_frost_falls" />
    [B]<string name="winter_begins">Winter</string>[/B]
    <string name="light_snow" />
    <string name="heavy_snow" />
    [B]<string name="winter_solstice">Winter Solstice</string>[/B]

The ones I refer to are the ones with translations. These are relevant days in China (and are related to the lunar calendar), however in England they aren't relevant and put in random days in the calendar that mean nothing and can't be removed.

I posted in the bugs forum until I worked out what the problem was ( however, now I have realised where the strings come from, I am suggesting a change to the translation process if possible. explains the "Slight Heat" and has many more of the strings.