Nov 7, 2010
Since this is a MIUI developers forum, I was wondering if yall could also translate future releases of MIUI browser and provide support for the community. This would be awesome cause i tried MIUI browser for a bit and it was very nice and smooth; however, it didn't fit me very well due to the Chinese language and I think they made the app with intentions for only Chinese users. From what I understand, you guys already made a bond with the Chinese developers so asking them to release source code for the app or whatever it is to make the app more English friendly would be awesome. Thanks in advance. :mrgreen:
The guy who originally translated the miui browser posted on droidforums.net that he will no longer be translating the browser because the creators of the browsers have seen how popular the idea of an english version of the browser is and will be making an english version of it sometime.

*edit: he translated the version that was released today
Also, you can find a translated version right here on miui-dev. It is linked in the Add-Ons thread in the Evo forum.
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Also, it's not a miui browser at all. It's made by a different company and it is called Charming Browser. They are just using the miui logo (without permission). The miui devs like the browser though and have contacted miren.cn to see if they can make charming the default browser in miui.

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Just to let you guys know miren browser is now in the market version 1.1 and they fix a lot of the bugs

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I've just tried miren browser and it is totally amazing thanks

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Just downloaded it from the market. Has an xsvope /opera feel but more user friendly.

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