[Request] Render Effect (CM)


Apr 6, 2011
The render effect from CM should be included in the next MIUI release if its something that can be ported over!
Depending on the effect you choose, it could make the screen easier to see in different lighting situations, save battery, or just balance the colors of the display.
This is a closed source ROM, so it most likely won't happen unless the Chinese developers/users want it (which I highly doubt).
Yes, CM runs the render effect and I believe Ultimate Droid does as well.
It would definitely be a cool feature to add to the rom!
I was able to get Color Calibrator to work in MIUI on my N1. That was before MIUI upgraded to Gingerbread though. I don't know if it still works. If the link doesn't show up, search for android color calibrator.


I also used to use this on MIUI Froyo, but I haven't had any luck since Gingerbread. It would cause boot loops after flashing the first part. I haven't tested since 1.4.1, but I have a feeling it just isn't going to work on GB at all without an update.