Wifi Calling issue redmi note 10 pro.


Dec 16, 2023
hi, was wondering if anyone eles has an issue with wifi calling on there redmi note 10 pro, The issue is when the screen goes off and i put the phone down, after a while when i wake it back up the wifi calling icon is not showing, like it's been turned off or disconnected, wifi itself always stay's connected and nothing in settings have changed, 4g is not turned on either and wifi is set as preferred network, there is no set pattern when this happens, it's just random. Would this be down to miui power saving or something? I have gone through app settings and power saving settings etc, all upto date, checked settings in modem router and turned off settings which tp link recommend that could effect wifi calling, but considering i have tried a few different modem/routers over the time i have had the phone, it did the same thing on all. There are 2 different make phones also connected to my modem/router using wifi calling as main source for calling, neither of them have this issue, just my redmi note 10 pro, any ideas or suggestings welcome, many thanks, kind regards J
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