[RESOLVED] Stuck in Fastboot

Mar 3, 2013
Hi, I flashed CWM and then entered it and tried to expand the system to 500mb, but then my phone rebooted and it says:

Version: M8260AAABQLA313065-36-g638709f
Build Date: Jun 27 2014, 05:55:54
Fastboot Mode
Power up reason USBCHG
Enter Fastboot reason NO BOOTING

Now the device is in fastboot mode which is only for debug Android devices.
If you want to exit fastboot mode, plug out battery!

then this picture:

I tried to plug the battery out, but still if I try to boot the phone it's stuck on the MI logo, and if I try to enter recovery it goes to this screen where I cannot do anything.

Can you help me, I'm kinda desperate :/

EDIT: I flashed with Brush Tool and it's all OK :))
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