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Oct 13, 2017
Sorry I installed the 20.7.16 and I wanted to go back to the global stable but with mi flash it doesn't work ,it says anti rollback error... how can I go back to the official? Without brick the phone, THX Sorry for my english


Dec 7, 2016
I´ve done this in the last days, it´s a little bit difficult, but for me it was the only method, which has had success. Please read all steps and prepare your files before you begin.

Before flashing: Verify your adb connections: Open cmd and type "adb devices", if your device will be shown, this part is okay. type "adb reboot bootloader", your device should now boot into fastboot mode. Type "fastboot devices" and your device shoud be written down there again. If this all is okay, you can type "fastboot reboot recovery" and boot again into TWRP. If you have secured all your files, you can do the next step, if not, copy the needed files now to your pc. After this you have to format your data partition. Go in TWRP into Wipe and press Format Data/ Factory Reset.
Warning: You can´t boot after this into your device!!! After formatting data go back to the start screen of TWRP, press reboot/ reboot bootloader and you are again in fastboot, where you can use the Mi Tool.

Flashing with MiTool without anti-rollback problems:
At 1st unpack your downloaded firmware (full firmware, no update - around 4 GB) with 7 zip multiple times until you have one folder (Picture 1) with the files inside (Picture 2). This folder has to be copied to C:/ (root of your pc). In subordinate folders this flash won´t be successful.

Now you have to rename the ending of the file flash_all.bat into flash_all.txt. In txt-format you can edit this file, erase all lines above the fastboot commands, which contains "anti"-words. Look at Picture 3, the edited file begins with this line. Now you can rename your edited file to flash_all.bat.

Last before flashing rename in flash_all.txt, because this file produces (mostly wrong) error warnings during the flash.

Now you can choose the folder on C:/ (or your root folder) to flash with Mi Flash and all will run okay. I´ve marked clean all and lock, but if you want to go more secure, you can only mark clean all and close the device after a successful installation with the command in adb (fastboot mode): fastboot oem lock.

Important: You have to sign out from Mi account in smartphone and on and remove your device from this account, if you want to sell it. Also from Google Account. If not, look in your mi account, that you have written your username, know your password, and filled the fields with phone number and mail adress.

Last: If you want to help other users with this thread, rename your Headline and add the words "how to remove anti-rollback protection"

Thanks a lot to Sander97, who gave basic informations in his thread for Mi9T Pro.


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