Ring Delay


Jun 20, 2011
I can't get the search to work in this forum very well... My phone flashes the trackball and wakes the screen 3-4 seconds before the ringtone goes off when there's an incoming call. The call display is there too but the phone is silent. When the ringing starts, I've already lost some time and can't always get to answer before voice mail kicks in.

A Google search shows some tips to edit build.prop but that doesn't do anything for me. Does anybody else have this problem?
Figured it out. There's a setting in the phone dialer under DND Mode called an Anti-Stranger filter. I guess numbers not in my phonebook get this delay before making the ringtone sound. Who knew?
I registered with this site simply to thank you for pointing out that simple yet unexpected fix! :D

I was searching hi and low for this answer, i have only just gotten into Miui from CM7.
loving it and for the life of me there is no way I would of found that option.

post your paypal, let me buy you a beer. :)