New Rmn3 Mtk Flash Issue

Mar 18, 2016
Hi to everybody.
I'm a owner about 2 months of a 2G redmi-note 3 MTK, and it as an issue with the flash after the 1st month. At beginning, all i need to do, was turning the phone off, and the flash worked well, but after nothing happens. When i press the tourch buttons, it gives a little flash, but nothing else.
I have already talk with the seller (buy the way, i really recommend, it is from Portugal, and he is here one the forum "parfetto") and we agreed that it should be some hardware issue, but there is something strange with the led.
When i enter in test mode, by pressing the kernel section several times, some of the the times, the led flash, works well, but when i get out the test mode, the flash never works again.
I have already tried several rom's with new installation, wipes clears and the result it is the same. Now I'm having the last euro developer rom.
Does any off have the same problem or know the cause of it?
I think i have to send it to warranty, but i wanted to know something more about it.

Best regards
João Jacinto