Roaming problems

Ian Miles

Jun 2, 2019
I know that this is a common problem, but it has now struck me after getting a Redmi Note 6 pro.
Phone is not roaming, even after I've done the APN adjustments as stated in my carrier's website. tried rebooting and even a software update.
When I've tried manual or automatic connection, get the "sorry we can't connect you right now" message.
Something special about the phone? My wife has the same model, same network, and was getting this problem when in Finland; I was using a different Xiaomi phone at that time and had no issues.
(I'm using Frankfurt airport wifi to write this.)
Looking around the web I dont see anything helpful, though there seem toi be options in earlier versions of Android that I do not have. My Android is 9 PKQ1, 1809004.001