rolling back?


Dec 12, 2011
I've been running MIUI for a little while, mainly on 1.12.2 I think. I updated last night to 1.12.9 and it's really too unstable for me.

I've been trying to work out how to roll the update back. When I applied the update I backed up (using the MIUI tool?) but now can't find a way to restore that backup.

I really don't want to have to wipe the phone again, besides the fact that the 1.12.2 download is not accessible from anywhere obvious.

Any help appreciated.
What phone do you have? I may have the old one here.. but, 1.12.9 is solid here...

Thanks for the reply,

I'm on an SGS2. Since last night I've got the clock FCing (and not sounding the alarm like the changelog says), the gallery, google maps and more.

I know this is the dev version, but stable isn't available for the SGS2 and MIUI is soo pretty :D 1.12.2 was usable for me. If I could just find the restore option for the backup I made before the update I would be ok. I guess I can just wipe and install 1.12.2 (I found it eventually, not at all easy to find stuff on this site) again but I would rather not.

Your over complicating this.. drop to recovery and flash 1.12.2 OVER THE TOP, dont wipe anything. You will be fine.

On another note.. to make a FULL backup use the back / restore option in recovery (nandroid).. dont use apps..

Thanks again, your advice must have reached me OTA. I just finished up doing that when I came back to read this :D 1.12.2 is over the top and seems to be working fine again.

I normally do use nandroid to backup for a rom change, and titanium for general stuff. The reason I skipped nandroid this time is that the MIUI updater offered its own backup solution. It's just a shame that there doesn't seem to be a way to restore it.
easiest way is to flash previous rom over your current version, and then wipe cache.
All apps & settings will be untouched.
Yes you can, you can use clockwork to make a full backup. and then if you ojnly want to restore certain sections, go into recovery, backup and restore then go into advanced restore.