ROM 9.6.27 - Erreur appareil photo


Feb 23, 2017
Bonjour a tous,
Sur cette dernière version de la rom EU, l'appareil photo se bloque et se déconnecte quand le mode 'portrait' est sélectionné. Impossible de le débloqué ensuite.

J'ai fait un wipe total et c'est la même chose..

Ca vous le fait aussi ?
Hi. Yes me too.
it's on the mi9 camera app, it lacks options like wide angle, 48 mpx mode and night mode. I already have the bug in the bug and github level. but no change in the version of 19.7.4.
I'm waiting for the new horse this week. it's saying a translation bug. but when your pass the language in English, the application works and all the options are presented.
on the other hand, as soon as we put in French, it bug again.
they have changed the way of translating, because before, the French translation was taken directly from the global rom.

more than waiting for the update.
ok !
Since I use a lot of my camera, I have to go back to a global ROM to get back to normal operation.
Do you think it would be possible to post a message here when this bug will be fixed?
So, I could put the EU rom and .. yop !
Unless there is a rom Stable that does not contain the bug?