Rom support for Note 12 pro 5g (ruby)?


Dec 7, 2023
My first time on the comminity and im still learning the forums and stuff, so sorry if i post this in the wrong section or something.
Does this rom community support the Note 12 pro 5g (ruby)?
I tried looking at the stable rom list and the forum phone section, but i don't see the pro 5g (ruby) listed anywhere.

I got scammed by a seller and was sent a China note 12 pro 5g phone with a global rom flashed onto it. (the sticker on back of phone verifies its china model)
The phone can not be updated with OTA nor when i try to do the "choose a upgrade package" it can not verify the oficcial package and tells me to update via "usb". They somehow also re-locked the bootlaoder (it shows locked under settings) so i cant flash a rom right now (I started the 7 day wait period already).
My banking apps are also not working (various errors) so the phone is in an unusable state for me currently.

Unfortunately, the platform i bought the phone on is siding with the scam seller and i cant get a refund, so my only option is to somehow flash a more stable (or official) rom onto the phone.

Can someone help me with this situation?
Thanks everyone!
You need to unlock OEM to flash new one (enter developer mode). I don't think there is custom ROM ( for now and no TWRP. You have App called HyperOs Downloader that has many information on your ROM and how to flash new one.