Root and AdAway

Mar 18, 2016
I have a Mi 5s and just updated to latest dev rom today, with MIUI 10.
Before I was using SuerSU and AdAway with no problem.
Reading on install guides I decided to uninstall SuperSU and install Magisk.
All when perfectly. I also checked for SafetyNet status and all passed ok.

Now, the problem is that AdAway does not work at all. I try to load the App but it hangs. So, I decided to uninstall it. In addition, to make sure Magisk works fine I loaded another App that requires root permission and indeed it works perfectly.

Can anyone please explain what should I do to block adds coming from Google Apps like I was doing before with AdAway?
So far in Magisk settings I enabled Universal Systemless.

Somewhere I read about "Unified Hosts Manager" and found an App on PlayStore but do not know if this is what I need.

Please advise....
May 5, 2017
Yes that's the app that you need but I think that's only the Gui and it also gets installed automatically if you get the module from Magisk /downloads or xda. Adaway has some issues with Magisk 16+ if I remember correctly.

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Dec 9, 2016
This is how I did it. I wrote a simple bash script which combines multiple hosts files into one (I can read more about it hehe unfortunately in polish). I decided to share this final hosts list with other. You can download it from and then copy it to /sbin/.core/img/.core/hosts on your phone. Don't forget to enable systemless host in Magisk settings.
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Dec 24, 2014
I've tried Adaway and symlink on latest Xiaomi eu and my Mi8 with Magisk 17.1 , but ads are still on place... Will try the above now ;)