rotation lag

May 13, 2011
Im using MIUI on my nexus s for the past 2 months now,
since the beginning this rom had a problem with rotation screen - it just lags.
after 2 months of not solving it, when do you think the rotation lag will get fixed?
Nov 15, 2010
@Fidyyuan That's not only with dark themes... I have totally default theme (not dark) and have this slooooow rotation also. 100-200% times faster it works when I use vorkKernel-720p-SVS-CFS
Jun 19, 2011
This is pure torture if you were last using your phone in landscape mode when you shut off the screen. Which I do. Very, very often.

Just testing it right now on my Desire - from unlock to loading Go SMS, it takes 4 seconds, then pressing Home to load to the MIUI Launcher took another four or five seconds. The worst culprit was loading the Recent Apps interface from landscape, which took 6 seconds.

When you're used to near-instant, that feels like an eternity. This is literally the only problem I have with MIUI right now.