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Screen Flickers

Discussion in 'Xiaomi Redmi (Red Rice / HongMi)' started by Whooper, Jun 18, 2014.

  1. Whooper

    Whooper Members

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    already noticed by several times the screen gets jitter in lighting. This happens randomly, and I began to notice in the last 2 or 3 versions of the rom.

    Likewise appearing later disappears again.

    Ever happened to anyone else?

    Tks :)
  2. strucky

    strucky Members

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    Yep, happened (Actually; happening). But sadly nope - no solution. A damn nuisance.
  3. cj24

    cj24 Members

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    anyone who knows if a solution was found?
    when i've seen for the first time my screen flickering, i thought my screen has began to die ^^"
    and with luminosity above 20% it start to be inconfortable
  4. sammirati

    sammirati Members

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    It happen to me too. Still no solutions?
  5. samxein

    samxein Members

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    It happen to me too. I think it's a hardware problem. Almost every xiaomi model have reports for screen flickering.
    We are just unlucky.
    Here are some reports:

    Redmi 1 / Redmi 1s / Redmi 1s / Redmi 2 / Mi Pad

    With a simple search you will find more and more. Some of the devices have been checked from Xiaomi Service Center and they didn't find any problem. Some users say that Xiaomi use to some models AUO screens and those have the problems. So I think that we just have to Deal With It.
  6. Whooper

    Whooper Members

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    I already have the MIUI V6 (Android 4.4.2), and also happens as it did in V5.
    Nothing to do.
  7. Andrea @xe

    Andrea @xe Members

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    Redmi Pro (11/2016): today evening start TO flicker ...Very much !
    Try to reboot but still continue (luminosity low)

    I can't deal with it : it's new !!

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