Screen glitching, flickering and strobe


Jul 9, 2024
Hi. Today, after turning off and on my Mi 11 ultra I encountered really weird problem.
Video attached, cuz it's hard to explain briefly. It's glitching? flickering? Imo strobing is the closest.(It was hard to get it on camera, but it literally strobe. And it literally happens out of the blue. Super randomly, the frequency of these flickers is random too. Damn, writing rn makes it extremely hard, cuz tapping makes it flicker, like: when I tap it flickers, when not it stops. And it's never consistent, cuz then I started writing in notes and it's fine.
I have no idea what is going on. I've checked updates - everything is fine.
Oh and I must admit that I have no clue about softwares and all that, it's a dark magic so please be gentle...
Video down here:
Idk if it matters, but today was extremely hot day and AC at my work was freezing cold. I was going in and out quite a lot.
And I've just noticed that for example the strobing here in chrome app occurs only in the actual website, the search bar is not. Yet when I'm at the home screen it's glitching all over the screen.
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