Poco F3 Black screen, glitching

filip Rebro

Jan 23, 2016
Hello, two days ago I started having problems with my Poco F3. The sceeen started initially randomly flickering, (for some reason especially when using Instagram), then after a few hours the screen was repeatedly just turning black, and then again working for a while, while the phone kept working normally "under the screen". At first I thought that it must be some kind of software bug, so I reflashed ROM in TWRP, because in TWRP I wasnt getting any screen glitches. However after rebooting, the problem started again, so I decided to hard wipe everything and reflash again, and during that my screen in twrp started showing artifacts and completely glitched, without even knowing if the rom was flashed properly, I decided to fastboot flash the rom through PC, which completed successfully, but at this point the display was completely dead, not even showing the boot logo.
So then I decided to open the phone, and tried to disconnect and connect the LCD flex cable, and miraculously, then the screen started working. It then worked for about a day, but now the issue is back, and the screen keeps randomly turning off, and will not turn back on UNLESS I press power button for 10s and hard reboot it. Then sometimes the screen starts working again for some time.
Any ideas what the issue could be? Sorry for writing a long text but the issue is pretty weird and hard to explain.
Thanks for any suggestions