Sd Card Only 32gb ?

Nov 8, 2015
Is that limit in hardware or software?
I try 64GB sd-card in RN2-prime on latest 6.1.7 ROM and it isn't work. 32GB works normal.
Then I put it in to my old (3 years) Xperia T on CM12.1 version and it works.
Any suggestions ?
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Jan 10, 2016
I have a Samsung Evo 128GB microSD card in my Redmi Note 2 and it works great. I used Ridgecrop's fat32format GUI version ( with default FAT32 allocation unit size to format it. The phone reports 119GB available out of 129GB.

I tried two other formatting methods (Windows 10 exFAT, built-in Redmi Note 2 formatter) but neither worked for me.

I also have a friend with a working 64GB microSD (not sure which brand/model of card) in his RN2. He says he formatted it just with Windows built-in formatter. I understand it only works if formatted on a PC and not a Mac.

Hope this helps!
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