SD card problem


Mar 16, 2011
For some reason I have suddenly lost usual access to my SD card. So, the lists in the music app are empty, as is the gallery. I've just updated to 1.3.11 but there is no difference.

I have tried another SD card and the same problem occurs.

However, if I go through File Explorer I can access the SD files (music tracks etc).

This has only happened in the last couple of hours, it seems really weird as I haven't made any changes to my phone that would affect the files system/SD card.
No one? I've just bought a brand new SD and the problem still exists. The Miui music player doesn't recognise any tracks, neither does bTunes, TuneWiki or MixZing.
There are no tracks in my default MIUI music player, but gallery and other apps work pretty well. Now, I am using power AMP to play music on my Sony Ericsson X10.
I am pretty sure there is no problems with my SD card.
What's the name of your music directory? Make sure it doesn't have a . in front of it like .music and make sure the directory doesn't have a .nomedia file in it.
show hidden apps in the sdcard directory in a file manager. I don't know how but one time a random .nomedia file appeared and I thought my sdcard was broke. delete that file and all should be well.
Help please...

My device details:
Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000
MIUI 1.4.15

First of all I am very happy with the rom as it makes SGS used it's cpu at it's best.

I was wondering whether anyone has the problem of accessing external sd card... in the old rom, not miui, the external sd card shown as external_sd folder inside the sdcard folder... now when i click to external_sd there was no file inside and when I check the settings, the only storage shown is the internal storage.

Can someone enlighten me?

My Device:
Samsung Vibrant
MIUI 1.4.15

Lost access to my external SD and I can not take pictures or mount device to computer for file transfer. I have tried re-loading MIUI from scratch and have same issue. In addition, downloads from web browser always fail.... Any thoughts?
You may have a usb and or sdcard brick

I lost acess to my sd card before and to fix it i had to fastboot oem enableqxdm 0

This fixed it for me

Credit to ppl at xda

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since this is to do with SD card i seem to have a bit of problem too, im new to all this but some how file transfer is very slow i mean very slow im on ver. 22 beta could you guys help me please or is it a norm thing ???
The slow speeds is to do with the miui kernel. Just flash a diiferent one

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So I was able to fix the SD card mounting and am able to view the external SD card now. Only problem now is when I try to transfer files to the external SD I get an error of : not enough room. There is 8 gigs free..... any thoughts on this?

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