New SOLUTION to "insert sd card before using camera"


Jan 7, 2024
I got my MI 11 pro couple of days ago and found out that I can not upgrade my ROM. From MIUI 12.5 directly to 14.0.13 as my Upgrade app suggested, it just didn't work. Long story short, in two days I performed first ROM flashing in my life a series of upgrades going from 12.5 to 13 and then 14.. and when I thought everything was OK, camera didn't work. Message "insert sd card before using camera" across the screen and a day of frustration listening to others on this forum and wiping "data" folder.. and then again, instaling system once again just to see this "insert sd card before using camera" message over and over again. Then I thought "ok, you're not a programist, you're a chef, but you're not an idiot".

Basically, if your camera doesn't have an access to the storage, you can not copy anything to your internal storage from your PC.. then it must be an issue with chmod. Most likely you messed it up while rooting your phone, do not worry you are not alone ;) here's how to fix this problem, and probably few more bugs and glitches in one go.

Step by step solution:
- enter TWRP, by reseting your phone holding volume up button
- if you see English menu just go to the next step, if it's Chinese you see then press the button on the right hand side, second from the bottom, then last tab which looks like a globe, choose English and pres the button in the right bottom corner. It should get you back to the home menu.
- press "advanced" in the left bottom corner
- press "file manager"
- scroll down to "sdcard" folder and enter it (if it's not there I think you have a problem and you will have to reinstall your ROM
- once inside your "sdcard" folder and directory path above looks like that "/sdcard" press the button in the right lower corner, which looks like a folder with a thick mark
- press "chmod" (chmod 755 won't do the trick, go all guns blazing)
- default value will be 0000, delete it and enter 777 or if you wanna go all tits up go for 7777, the result will be the same
- enter, accept using the sliding bit, restart

- if you are still having the same issue, do the same to DCIM subfolder and another sub "camera", if you can not download anything the same applies to "download" folder and so on.. apparently, chmod edit does not apply to subfolders. You can perform all of the changes one by one and then restart.

I just registered on this forum to share it with you guys, I could see that a lot of users had the same issue and there was no solution to this problem. Enjoy, by the time you are reading these words your camera should be working. You can also copy ringtones, pictures and so on.. out of a sudden :) enjoy
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