sd-ext error


Nov 13, 2010
Something really weird and really bad is happening to my HTC desire. I had the 1.4.22 XJ D2EXT X PART version of miui and, when the new release came out last friday, decided to do a full wipe and install the 1.4.29 ROM. Only, when I did the full wipe it gave me some weird error on the sd-ext. Still, I tried to flash the new ROM (non-D2EXT). When I opened it, it all worked except for the settings. When I go to menu -> settings, it says the app is not installed. So I did another wipe and, again, it gave me the same error:
"E: Can't mount /dev/block/mmcblk0p2 (file exists)
error mounting /sd-ext/"
I tried formatting the whole SD-card and recreating two partitions, I tried to format SD-ext from the recovery but it gives me that same error. I also tried setting up another SD card, still the same. What went wrong? And most importantly, what can I do? I'm desperate at this point..
Use sdformatter from web and format sd card outside of phone with a card reader to PC. Format Type--Full Erase On and Format Size Adj On.

Recovery does a poor format job

Then partition with Amon_Ra 2.2.1--1gb/0 Swap

Of course do your appropriate bu's

This will eliminate card as issue

I would also recommend Dark Tremor or the Not the betas yet
Also, HIGHLY recommend wiping 5X everything before flashing new rom :)
Thank you! I usually wipe twice before flashing a new rom, thought it would suffice. Is it the same if I partition the SD on a card reader with gpart on linux?