SD Ext3

Jan 28, 2011
Maybe I am not sure what ext3 is properly... But i Format my 16 gig class 4 Mem Card, and then partitioned 1gig towards EXT3... and the remaina like 13 gig is FAT32. MIUI states i have 786mb for ext3... but it has not changed and i've been downloading apps. I do see my internal Memory being used though. Any help? I dont think my apps are being instllaed on my ext3 partition...


Jan 18, 2011
Open up terminal, type su and accept the superuser request.
Now type a2sd check. It will start DT a2sd, go over what it says and make sure it shows that apps are run from SD card.
If it still shows from internal then type a2sd reinstall. Let the app do its thing and the phone will reboot.
Once booted up go back to terminal and type su again, then type a2sd check. You should now see that apps are run from the SD card.
You can also move the Dalvik to the internal cache, this will free up more phone memory.
Do this by typing a2sd cachepart and let the phone reboot. If you want to zipalign all .zips type a2sd zipalign. Your setup should look like my included screen shot.


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