SD install as 4gb is way too small

Jul 17, 2013

My Mi2s arrived today and I love the hardware. Only issue so far is the 4gb partition. Apps2sd, link2sd and external to internal sd swap don't work. I've tried to mount the phone as mass storage to create a ext4 partition but it won't play ball. I've seen some of the thread comments about 4gb being great but to be honest I can fill this with just a few apps as I am intending to run linux on the device such as backtrack, ubuntu where all of the roots need to be installed onto the internal partition and at several hundred MB to GB the space is will be gone. Removal and reinstall of apps is a non starter so am looking at what options are available to get apps2sd or link2sd working or an alternative other than get a different phone.

I have originally come from a Note 2 which has 10GB available on the internal SD in addition to the system partition which I can install apps onto. I've seen ext4 support in some of the roms so was wondering if I could repartition the phone to enable this.

Any useful suggestions other than don't run these apps or install as many would would be welcomed.