Several Questions around the eu roms


Aug 11, 2021
Hello Everybody
I own a Mi 9T Pro and new a Poco F3

I m frustrated with the Poco Launcher and hope the MIUI Launcher will be possible in the EU Rom

I have a big issue that after several mobile data backup transfers and several android version not it snot possible to copy data from both android 11 devices
even google does only save data of 40 apps from 160

So this lets me also think about root option

- Will Pokemon Go and comparable Games still work cause of saftey net
- Will banking apps still work, to pay by nfc

I fear cause of opened bootlaoder google can disable saftey net, even later cause of hardware checks

and last but not least, is there a way to safe and restore my data from the mi 9t pro when changing it to eu rom, so i can later also transfer to the poco f3